Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Advertising On HertelAvenue.com

HertelAvenue.com is a destination for people that want to know what is located on Hertel Avenue. Your advertising is welcome by visitors as a source of information, so we offer several opportunities to make your business stand out.

Information Pages

Businesses On Hertel Avenue can get their own Information Page. Businesses with Information Pages get hot linked on their listings in the directory and Category pages. The link opens a window with information about that specific business (see example). These pages are only available to businesses on Hertel Avenue. Information Pages can include logo, description, photos, website link and have links to the HertelAvenue.com map and Google map (see example).

To get your business an Information Page, click on one of the options on the right and continue registration process on following pages.

Choose Your Information Page Plan:

By the month

Yearly $47.88

Directory Banner Ads

Your business can get a full color 440 x 100 pixels banner ad on our Map/Directory page and/or individual Category pages (Retail, Restaurants, Night Clubs and Services). Banner Ads can be hot linked to your Information Page, or to your business website.

Hertel Avenue businesses purchasing a banner ad on the Map/Directory page, will also get a matching FREE banner ad on their specific category page free (two ads for the price of one).

To get a Banner Ad on the Map/Directory and Category pages, click on one of the options on the right and continue registration process on following pages.

Choose Your Banner Plan:

By the month

Yearly $59.88

Premium Banner Ads

There are a few location on HertelAvenue.com considered premium locations and are available on a limited basis. Premium locations include home page banner ads and the banner ad under the Map/Directory key on the Map/Directory page.

Contact us for pricing and placement on Premium Banner advertising.

Advantages to Information Page advertising on HertelAvenue.com
Only Hertel Avenue businesses can be a part of HertelAvenue.com. So it's easy to be a big fish in a small pond, and maximize your results at little cost.
Targeted Audience - People are not coming to HertelAvenue.com to find your competitor on Niagara Falls Blvd. People are coming to HertelAvenue.com to find out what's on Hertel Avenue. Make your presence known!
Your information and advertising are helping your community of businesses. Funds generated through listing and advertising fees are generally paying for the cost of operating and maintain this website, with the sole purpose of promoting the businesses on Hertel Avenue.

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